Business Model Development​

With Business model development we help organizations create and implement strategies for generating revenue and achieving success. We analyze market trends, identify customer needs and preferences, determine the most effective distribution channels, and create pricing and branding strategies.

As a part of the Business Model Development, Stratsmith also offers consulting services in market analysis, organizational structure, strategic planning, resource allocation & optimization, and financial planning. The goal is to help our clients build a sustainable and profitable business model that can adapt and grow over time.

Based on the target market, competition, and business objectives, we help our clients in strategies to develop:

Business Model Canvas

We map out the key components of a business model, including value proposition, customer segments, channels, revenue streams, and key resources and partners.

Lean Startup

This is a customer-focused approach where we emphasize in rapid prototyping and iteration to validate assumptions about the market and business model.

Design Thinking

This is a problem-solving approach that we use to empathizing with customers, defining the problem, ideating solutions, prototyping and testing.

Value Proposition Design

In this methodology we focus on creating compelling value propositions for customers by understanding their needs and desires.

Customer Development

To purpose of using this methodology is to test the assumptions about customers and their needs through customer interviews and surveys.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Our approach aims to create new market spaces and opportunities by exploring untapped customer segments and avoiding direct competition.

Red Ocean Strategy

We weave the strategies to improve your products, services, or customer experiences, powering them to outperform your competitors and gain market share.

By partnering with our business model development consultant, your organization can gain access to expertise and experience, and accelerate your path to excellence and success.

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