Content Strategy & Development​​

Content Strategy helps define brand awareness, traffic, and registrations as part of your digital strategy. Organizations need to understand their target audience (B2B, D2C or B2C) in order to then evaluate how to position their brand on the basis of:

Customer Service
Differentiation Strategy

Content becomes crucial to not only position yourself as a thought leader and to encourage viewers to resonate with your story, but it is important for firms to understand the power of engaging content to analyse the growth it impacts. The quality, tonality, quantity, and diversity of content helps consumers to resonate with the firm. Storytelling and the ability to clearly communicate what you want your audience to know sounds simplistic but actually remains one of the hardest marketing challenges. Great companies are most likely to have creative and dynamic content strategies that contribute to their brand differentiation. Stratsmith offers a dedicated Content Strategy team that aligns with the overall digital strategy and marketing roadmaps to offer a wide variety of content mechanisms:

SEO Content
Technical Content
Business Blogs
Case Studies
Quora & Medium articles
White Papers
Ghost Writing
Business Proposals

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