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CSR Consulting 

Stratsmith supports organizations to help them integrate social and environmental considerations into their business operations and strategy. We provide services on various aspects of CSR, including:

CSR Strategy Development

This involves working with organizations to develop a comprehensive and effective CSR strategy that aligns with their business goals and values.

Sustainability Reporting

This involves assisting organizations in preparing sustainability reports that accurately reflect their social and environmental impact.

Stakeholder Engagement

This involves engaging with stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, and communities, to understand their perspectives and expectations.

Supply Chain Management

This involves helping organizations to assess and manage the social and environmental impact of their supply chain.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

This involves conducting assessments to understand the potential environmental and social impacts of a company's operations and products.

Program Implementation

This involves providing support to organizations in the implementation of their CSR programs and initiatives.

By integrating CSR into their operations and strategy, organizations can enhance their reputation, reduce risks, and improve their overall sustainability.

Impact Assessment

Impact assessment is the process of evaluating the expected and actual consequences of a project, policy, program, or action. It is used to determine the positive and negative effects of a decision, and to identify ways to reduce negative impacts or increase positive ones. Impact assessments can be used in a variety of contexts, including environmental, social, economic, and cultural.

Stratsmith supports organizations throughout the impact assessment process. They help clients to understand the potential impacts of their decisions and develop strategies to reduce negative impacts or enhance positive ones. Impact Assessment Consultants can also help clients comply with regulatory requirements, enhance their reputation, and improve their overall decision-making process. Our role typically involves the following activities:

Developing Impact Assessment Frameworks

This involves defining the scope, objectives, and methodology of the impact assessment.

Data Collection and Analysis

This involves gathering data and conducting research to assess the potential impacts of a decision.

Stakeholder Engagement

This involves consulting with stakeholders and communities to gather their perspectives and opinions on the potential impacts of a decision.

Impact Modeling and Scenario Analysis

This involves using analytical tools and techniques to model and evaluate the potential impacts of a decision.

Mitigation and Management Planning

This involves developing strategies and plans to reduce negative impacts or enhance positive ones.

Reporting and Communication

This involves summarizing the results of the impact assessment in a clear and concise manner, and communicating the findings to relevant stakeholders.

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