Start-up Consulting

We work closely with the founder or management team to understand the needs of the business and provide tailored solutions for startups and early-age businesses. The ultimate goal is to help the startups and early-age businesses to succeed and grow. Stratsmith offers market research, business strategy development, financial planning, marketing and sales support, technology development, and organizational design for the startups and early-age businesses.

Our startup consulting framework revolves around six steps:


This involves defining the scope of the project, setting expectations with the startup, and gathering necessary information.


This involves analyzing the current state of the startup, including its market position, financials, operations, and technology.


Based on the assessment, the consultant provides recommendations and a proposed action plan to address the identified challenges.


The startup and the consultant work together to implement the recommended solutions. This may involve training, process changes, technology implementations, and other activities.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The consultant regularly monitors the progress of the implementation and provides feedback to the startup.

Review and Refinement

Based on the results of the implementation, the consultant and the startup review and adjust the approach as necessary.

These stages can be repeated as needed until the startup reaches its desired state which are base on the evaluation of the measurables such as:

  • Revenue growth: The increase in the startup’s revenue over a specific period of time.
  • Customer acquisition: The number of new customers the startup is able to acquire.
  • Market share: The percentage of the target market that the startup is able to capture.
  • Cost reduction: The decrease in the startup’s operating expenses, such as overhead costs or employee expenses.
  • Time to market: The time it takes for the startup to bring its product or service to market.
  • User engagement: The level of engagement and satisfaction of the startup’s customers.


Apart from the core consulting services, we also help startups and new business by taking care of their support activities such as:

  • New Business Registrations and Incorporation
  • Accounting and Book keeping
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Technology Development
  • Talent Acquisition & Human Resource Management

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