Transformation, Turnaround & Restructuring


Stratsmith works with your organization to assess its current state, including its strengths and weaknesses, and to identify the opportunities and threats that it faces. Stratsmith then helps your organization to develop a clear vision and strategy for its future, including specific goals and objectives.

Stratsmith also provides support on the implementation of the transformation strategy, including the development of a detailed plan and timeline, the allocation of resources, and the development of performance metrics to track progress.

Our goal as transformation consultants is to help organizations improve their performance and achieve long-term success by creating a comprehensive and sustainable change.

Some of the transformation strategies that Stratsmith can implement, include:

Digital Transformation

This type of transformation focuses on leveraging digital technologies to improve business processes and operations, enhance customer experience, and drive growth.

Business Model Transformation

This involves rethinking and reinventing the organization's business model to create new sources of value and growth.

Culture Transformation

This type of transformation focuses on changing the organizational culture to align with the organization's goals and values and improve performance.

Operational Transformation

This involves streamlining operations, reducing costs, and improving efficiency to enhance performance and competitiveness.

Organizational Transformation

This type of transformation involves restructuring the organization to improve performance, increase efficiency, and align resources with strategy.

Customer-Centric Transformation

This transformation strategy focuses on improving the customer experience and building stronger relationships with customers.

Technology-Enabled Transformation

This type of transformation leverages technology to drive change and improve performance across the organization.

In today’s rapidly changing and competitive environment, organizations that fail to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs risk losing their competitiveness and market share. Transformation strategies help organizations to respond to these challenges and transform themselves in ways that allow them to remain relevant, innovative, and competitive.


Stratsmith offers turnaround strategy consulting to organizations that are facing significant challenges, such as declining financial performance, operational issues, or competitiveness problems, and are seeking to recover and return to a path of growth and success. The goal of turnaround strategy consulting is to help organizations develop and implement a plan to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. We also help organizations to overcome the challenges associated with large-scale change and achieve their goals more effectively.

Based on organization’s specific needs and circumstances, and a combination of frameworks may be used to achieve the best results, some of the frameworks which Stratsmith uses are:

  • The Five-Step Turnaround Model: This model involves five steps: assessment, stabilize, strategy development, implementation, and monitoring and improvement. It provides a structured approach to turnaround strategy development and execution.
  • The PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) Cycle: This model is a continuous improvement framework that involves four steps: planning, doing, checking, and acting. It can be used to continuously improve the organization’s turnaround strategy and performance.
  • The 7S Framework: This model involves seven elements that are believed to be the key drivers of organizational effectiveness: strategy, structure, systems, skills, staff, style, and shared values. The model can be used to assess the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan for improvement.
  • The Lean Management Framework: This model is based on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and focuses on continuous improvement, elimination of waste, and increased efficiency. It can be used to improve operational performance and drive growth.


A well-designed and executed turnaround strategy can help organizations:

  • Stabilize their financial and operational performance
  • Address the root causes of their problems
  • Develop a clear vision and strategy for their future
  • Improve their competitiveness and market position
  • Increase their chances of long-term success

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