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Stratsmith helps organizations define, develop and execute strategies for their products and product lines. Our product strategy services include market research, competitive analysis, customer discovery, product positioning, feature prioritization, and go-to-market planning and strategies that make your product a success. Our goal is to help organizations create and bring to market successful products that meet the needs of their target customers and drive business growth.

Stratsmith collaborates with organizations to help define the broad strategy for creating, fine-tuning and promoting core product areas. At a time when innovation and disruption happen so fast, getting product development right is a must. When product development is in sync with a company’s overall strategy, it can reduce R&D costs, drive products’ market fit, and speed new products to market. It can also improve customer satisfaction and help employees feel more engaged.

Product strategy consultants at Stratsmith, bring expertise in product development and market research to help organizations create and execute effective product strategies that drive business growth. Stratsmith also team assists in outlining the ideal customer profile and target market to serve, along with the go-to-market strategy and positioning, the thematic areas of investment, and success metrics.

Stratsmith works at three levels of product strategy:

Corporate/Business Unit Level

This level defines the overall product portfolio and the organization's direction in terms of product development. It encompasses the products offered by the organization and determines the strategic fit of each product within the portfolio.

Product Line Level

This level defines the product lines offered by the organization and the specific products within each line. It outlines the target market, key features, and positioning of each product line and ensures that the product lines are aligned with the overall corporate/business unit strategy.

Product Level

This level defines the specific product offerings and focuses on the detailed product definition, design, and development. It includes the product specifications, target market, and key features, as well as the marketing, sales, and support strategies for each product.

How product strategy can be useful:

  • Reducing Marketing Time
  • Surpassing Sales Projections
  • An Increase in Product Profitability
  • Increasing the Predictability of Product Development
  • Developing More Cutting-Edge Items
  • Promoting a Flexible Environment

There are several popular product strategy models that Stratsmith uses. A few of them are:

  • Ansoff Matrix: This model helps companies determine their product and market growth strategy by looking at four options: market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification.
  • The Lean Startup: This is a customer-focused approach to product development that emphasizes rapid experimentation and iteration. The goal is to quickly validate ideas and minimize waste.
  • Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD): This model views customer behavior as the result of their attempt to get a job done. The focus is on understanding the customer’s needs and developing products that solve those needs.
  • Value Proposition Canvas: This tool helps companies articulate their value proposition by defining the customer segments they serve, the jobs customers are trying to get done, and the value they offer to each customer segment.
  • Business Model Canvas: This is a visual representation of a company’s key business elements and how they interconnect. It helps companies understand the potential for revenue and growth.

These models provide frameworks for thinking about product strategy and can be combined or adapted to fit the needs of a particular organization.

Product Strategies outlines the target market, positioning, pricing, and distribution for a product, as well as the resources and capabilities required to bring the product to market.

Developing a strong product strategy can help a business to understand and meet the needs of its customers, to differentiate its product from competitors, and to maximize revenue and profitability.

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